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What term life insurance length should I choose?

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The goal of term life insurance is to help protect your loved ones if you die, and there’s a lot to consider when choosing your coverage. Your age and your goals for the next few years may affect your choices, as well as whether you have a mortgage, other debt or kids. With so many factors, it can be tough to know where to start.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best term length for your unique situation:

Short term (5-10 years)

Choose a shorter term if:

  • You’re not sure what life milestones lie ahead, so you need flexibility. (You’ll be able to renew or extend your coverage later.)
  • You’re looking for a low-cost insurance policy.
  • You want to take advantage of your younger age and health to get a good rate.
  • Your mortgage took longer to pay off than you planned, or your kids aren’t financially independent yet, so you need coverage to bridge the gap.

Medium term (11-20 years)

Choose a mid-length term if:

  • You’ve chosen a shorter amortization period on your mortgage, or you’re already several years into your mortgage.
  • You want to provide protection for your children until they’ve finished school or start working full time.

Long term (21-50 years)

Choose a longer term if:

  • You’re looking for coverage for a longer period, to cover you through milestones like getting married, having children or buying a house.
  • You’ve bought a house and want the insurance coverage for the duration of your mortgage, instead of buying mortgage insurance.
  • You have young children and want to make sure they’re taken care of until they’re financially stable.
  • You want coverage that lasts until you retire, and you want premium payments that stay the same throughout your working life.

Canada Life’s My Term™ life insurance makes it possible for you to choose the exact term length that works for your needs. Get in touch with an advisor to find out how.

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