Apply for funding

There are so many organizations and initiatives that are worthy of support. To ensure we’re investing with the utmost care and responsibility, our team follows a well-defined evaluation process. We carefully review every application that comes in, but because we receive a high volume of eligible requests every year, eligibility does not guarantee funding.

If you think your organization could benefit from our help, please be sure to:

  1. Refer to our pillars of support page.
  2. Learn more about what we do and don't support on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Here’s what we’ll be looking for when we review your application:


A strong case for support

Show us how your initiative will make a difference, and remember building stronger communities together begins with a compelling story. Please keep in mind our pillars of support, as well as where we can and can’t help.


Goals, innovation and sustainability

  • How does your organization and project meet a demonstrated need within the community?
  • How does your initiative provide an innovative solution to a community concern and complement, not duplicate, other initiatives?
  • How does your initiative demonstrate long-term, sustainable potential?


Clarity, impact and synergy

  • How are your objectives aligned with  our focus areas?
  • What is the expected impact and outcome of your initiative?
  • How will it be evaluated, documented and shared?
  • What potential exists to collaborate with other organizations to meet common goals?


Background, stability and reputation

  • Have you provided your organization’s most recent audited financial statements, annual report and budget details for the initiative, including other sources of revenue?
  • Have you shown that your organization is financially sound, well-managed and accountable to a volunteer board of directors?
  • How has your organization been recognized for excellence within the community?


Building our relationship

  • Have you described possible acknowledgment opportunities for our support?
  • Are there volunteer opportunities for our employees with your initiative?
  • Are our employees or field offices already involved with your organization? If so, how?
  • What other corporate contributions has our company made to your organization?


Additional supporting materials

Consider what additional, relevant information you could provide to strengthen your submission. For example: a case for support; needs assessment; feasibility study; impact report; letters of support/endorsement.

For an event, ensure you include a sponsorship package, the date or date range, number of participants expected, funds projected to be raised and for what purpose, waivers, licenses and liability insurance in place, etc.


Submitting your proposal

Complete and submit one copy of the appropriate form:


Submit the application form, along with any other supporting materials, to:


Stronger Communities Together™
Community Relations
Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life
100 Osborne Street North
Winnipeg, MB R3C 1V3


Keep in mind

Thank you for all you do. We look forward to receiving your application.