Apply for funding

We support a variety of initiatives that strengthen communities across Canada.

Apply for funding – Building your proposal

We carefully review each proposal we receive. Here’s what we are looking for.

A strong case for support
Show us how your initiative will make a difference. Building stronger communities together begins with a compelling story. Please be thorough, and mindful of our categories of support and exclusions. Whatever the format of your submission, you’ll help us see the potential in your ideas by addressing the following:

Your purpose and values

  • Goals, Innovation and Sustainability
  • How do your organization and project meet a demonstrated need within the community?
  • How does your project provide an innovative solution to a community concern and complement, not duplicate, other initiatives?
  • How does your project demonstrate long-term, sustainable potential?

Establishing the fit

  • Clarity, Impact and Synergy
  • How are your objectives aligned with one or more of our focus areas?
  • What is the expected impact and outcome of your project?
  • How will it be evaluated, documented and shared?
  • What potential exists to collaborate with other organizations to meet common goals?

Confirming your strengths

  • Background, Stability and Reputation
  • Have you provided your organization’s most recent audited financial statements, annual report and budget details for the initiative, including other sources of revenue?
  • Have you shown that your organization is financially sound, well managed, and accountable to a volunteer board of directors?
  • How has your organization been recognized for excellence within the community?

Building our relationship

  • Recognition, Engagement Opportunities and Support
  • What opportunities exist for a donor to be publicly recognized for their support and to enhance their corporate image and reputation?
  • Are our people involved with your organization? If so, how?
  • What other corporate contributions have Great-West Life, London Life (including Freedom 55 Financial) and Canada Life made to your organization?

Additional supporting materials

Before finalizing your proposal, have a last review to ensure you have prepared a thorough package that gives a full understanding of your project or event. Consider what additional, relevant information you could provide to strengthen your submission. For example: for an event, include the date or date range; number of participants expected; waivers, licenses and liability insurance in place; a sponsorship package; and/or a case for support. Once your materials are assembled, see Submitting Your Proposal.

Submitting your proposal

Complete, print and submit the proposal cover pageOpens in a new window along with your proposal and any supporting materials. If one of our local offices is involved with your organization, please ensure your key contact at that office receives a copy of your proposal, and provides a letter of endorsement.

Because most proposals contain attachments that make it difficult to transmit securely by email, please mail or courier your materials to:

Stronger Communities Together™
Community Relations
Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life
100 Osborne Street North
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 1V3

Keep in mind

Our goal is to contribute to lasting positive change through creative, coordinated efforts with charities, non-profits and community organizations. Before preparing your proposal, refer to what we do and don’t support in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Submit a single proposal. Stronger Communities Together is a single policy and program for Great-West Life, London Life (including Freedom 55 Financial) and Canada Life.

While we accept proposals throughout the year, to help us plan together we encourage one annual proposal as early in the calendar year as possible.

Help us fully understand how your organization is helping our communities grow stronger by providing a complete and comprehensive proposal along with your proposal cover page.

Our goal is to acknowledge and respond within 90 days.

Please take time to review frequently asked questions.

If you have a question still not answered, contact us.