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Celebrating Canadians through community partnerships

We’re focused on making connections with people through building relationships with community partners. After all, this is life as we know it.  

Connection is a core value that Canada Life champions. One of the important ways we share that value with Canadians is through thoughtful and meaningful choice of community sponsorships, rooted where we live and work.   

And that’s what we’re doing in Winnipeg. We’ve established an important relationship with one of our community partners, True North Sports + Entertainment (TNSE) with the introduction of Canada Life CentreTM.   

We believe the benefits of partnering with TNSE, an organization that shares many of our values, gives us a platform to amplify our sense of responsibility to give back and help build stronger communities. By teaming with TNSE, we can ensure that our combined efforts create positive change for the well-being of all Canadians.    

There is a lot in store this season. Watch this space for information about exciting new ventures and events.  

Canada Life Centre

Canada Life Centre™ is home to the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose.   

With our long history and deep roots in Winnipeg, we’re proud to have our name on a place that embodies the heart and spirit of the city’s vibrant community. 

Canada Life in your community 

We believe that when we invest in people, communities thrive.   

Learn more about how our Community Relations team is making an impact with their feet on the ground in our communities.