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Get paid without the paperwork

Why sign up?

Save time on paperwork, get less mail and have fewer cheques to process with bundled payments. Sign up for direct deposit and leave the deposits to us.

Simplify your claim payments

Bundled payments

Get a single cheque in the mail once a month or weekly payments by direct deposit. Whether you opt for printed cheques or direct deposit, you’ll get your bundled payments on the same schedule each month.

Bundling payments should simplify your admin work, and on top of that you’ll be saving paper and reducing your environmental footprint – and ours.

Easy-to-read statements

Receive statements that offer the detailed information you need to manage your payments with information clearly separated by plan member.

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Keeping your information secure

Get your statements via secure email on the same schedule as your payments. Secure email protects confidential information and is more convenient and environmentally friendly than paper mail.

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