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The Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company and The Canada Life Assurance Company have become one company – The Canada Life Assurance Company. Discover the new Canada Life

The Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company and The Canada Life Assurance Company have become one company – The Canada Life Assurance Company. Discover the new Canada Life

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Freedom 55 Financial is a division of The Canada Life Assurance Company and the information you requested can be found here.

Save time on paperwork, get less mail and have fewer cheques to process with bundled payments. Sign up for direct deposit and leave the deposits to us.

Bundled payments

Get a single cheque in the mail once a month or weekly payments by direct deposit. Whether you opt for printed cheques or direct deposit, you’ll get your bundled payments on the same schedule each month.

Bundling payments should simplify your admin work, and on top of that you’ll be saving paper and reducing your environmental footprint – and ours.

Easy-to-read statements

Receive statements that offer the detailed information you need to manage your payments with information clearly separated by plan member.

View a sample statementOpens in a new window

Keeping your information secure

Get your statements via secure email on the same schedule as your payments. Secure email protects confidential information and is more convenient and environmentally friendly than paper mail.

  • Streamlined payments: Your payments will be bundled into convenient single deposits directly into your bank account.
  • More frequent payment: Canada Life will send you a weekly payment by direct deposit. Otherwise, your payments will be issued once per month by cheque.
  • Greater convenience: Direct deposits reduce or eliminate the cost of handling and depositing cheques at the bank.
  • Easier reconciliations: A new, easy-to-read statement will be emailed to you on the date of deposit, helping you quickly reconcile outstanding claim payments.
  • Increased security and control: Direct deposit payments can help reduce fraud, such as the theft of cheques which are fraudulently cashed.
  • Increased flexibility: You can choose to have the payments issued to the clinic or to yourself, based on your business model.
    Better for the environment: Using less paper helps reduce our environmental footprint.

If you register as an individual provider, you will receive your payments and statements directly to the bank account and email address you provide when you register.

If you register as a clinic or organizational provider, one payment will be made and statement will be emailed for all providers registered under that clinic or organizational provider to the bank account and email address you provide when you register.

For ease of reconciliation, and in an effort to potentially minimize your banking fees, claim payments will be bundled and paid out on a predetermined schedule.

Your payment schedule will be determined based on where you are located in Canada:

Direct deposit:

  • Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Territories: Wednesdays weekly
  • ON East and GTA (area codes 289, 905, 613): Fridays weekly
  • Toronto and Ontario West, North: Thursdays weekly
  • MB, SK, AB: Tuesdays weekly
  • BC: Mondays weekly

Bundled cheques:

  • Atlantic Canada and Territories: first Friday every month
  • QC: fourth Tuesday every month
  • ON:
    • Toronto (area codes 416, 647): first Tuesday every month
    • GTA (area codes 905, 289): third Wednesday every month
    • ON remainder (all other area codes): first Monday every month
  • MB, SK, AB: second Thursday every month
  • BC: fourth Wednesday every month

Please note that if your payment falls on a holiday, it will be mailed out the next business day.

Canada Life makes every effort to reimburse you quickly and accurately. In the case of an issue with one of your payments, simply call us to request an adjustment at 1-800-957-9777.

The statement will include a detailed summary of all claims processed during the payment period, including how you submitted the claim. Statements may include multiple pages, please ensure you are reviewing all pages of your statement as pertinent details may be included on subsequent pages.

View a sample statementOpens in a new window complete with field descriptions.

Our plan member privacy is of utmost importance. If you are coordinating benefits with another carrier, please be sure to only show the details for the claim you are submitting.

If you are signed up for email communication and you haven’t received your emailed statement, check your junk or spam folder. The subject line will indicate Canada Life - Provider Statements, and the email address it is sent from is:

If you are not signed up for email communication, please refer to "When will I receive payments above?" and determine if it has been 10 days since your payment date.

If neither of the above resolve the problem, please contact Canada Life at 1-800-957-9777 if you need a statement reissued.

Save your statements as soon as you receive them. Canada Life can go back 15 months for duplicate statements.

When you provide your email address, all statements will be emailed to you securely using encryption software. The initial notification email will contain a Click Here link as well as an HTML attachment in the message. Either the link or the attachment will give you access to the secure message that contains your statement, however the “Click Here” link expires 21 days after the message was sent. The HTML attachment does not expire and depending on the type of email client (i.e. Outlook, gmail) it may be located in different areas of your screen.

When using this service for the first time, you will be asked to register with a password of your choosing. If you are a returning user, you will be asked to login using your previously created password.

Once you have opened the secure message it is recommended that you download the PDF attachment and save locally for your own record keeping.

The secure email sign in page has a forgot password link. Please use this to reset your password. The system will automatically email you a link to reset your password. Watch for an email from

If you have attempted too many sign ins with the wrong password the system will temporarily lock you out. Please close your internet browser and wait 10 minutes to use the password reset link.

Please contact Canada Life at 1-800-957-9777 if:

  • you did not receive your payment/statement
  • your payment/statement was damaged
  • you have any questions regarding your statement