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Travel benefits

Help when you need it most

Enjoy your travels knowing you’ll have help finding medical assistance if it’s part of your workplace benefits.

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What is travel insurance?

Depending on your plan, out of country medical can help if you're injured while traveling abroad. You have to have a provincial health plan. Travel insurance provides assistance to your and your dependents in emergency medical situations, wherever and whenever you need it. 

Benefits of travel insurance

  • Worldwide assistance

    If you’re 500 km or more from home, you can get help anywhere in the world and Canada.

  • A direct line to call 7/24

    One phone call can help you locate the nearest hospitals, clinics, and arrange medical evacuation if necessary.

  • Help to replace passports

    Your travel insurance covers help to locate qualifed legal assistance, local interpreters and appropriate services to replace a lost passport.

  • Transportation reimbursement

    Your airfare expenses will be covered if you’re in hospital and miss your prearranged and prepaid return transportation.

  • Advanced payment

    If you require advanced payment for hospital admission, your coverage will provide it.

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If you need assistance during a medical emergency, we’re available 24 hours a day. 

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