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Constellation Managed Portfolios

Goals-based investing

Your life goals are unique to you, and your investment strategy shouldn’t be any different.  

You know your goals. Constellation can help you reach them.

You don’t invest to simply invest - you want to achieve your goals. With Constellation Managed Portfolios, your advisor can help you align your investments directly with long or short-term goals. Constellation is designed to help you know how close you are to reaching every goal. This way you and your advisor can follow the progress and adjust the plan as needed.

  • Tailored investment approach

    Together with your advisor, you set a specific goal, define your risk tolerance and create a unique investment strategy.

  • Customized investment portfolio for each goal

    Your investments are monitored daily and realigned to keep them on track with your goals.

  • See the big picture

    With online access, you can track your progress towards each goal with your advisor and adjust your plans in a timely manner.

A managed program to better help you reach your target.

Everyone is unique, so why shouldn’t your investments be? Goals based investing can help you reach your financial goals.

How Constellation works

Your advisor will walk you through an investment process to:

  • Set your goals and determine your risk tolerance
  • Create an investment strategy with a suitable asset mix for each goal
  • Allow for continuous monitoring of your portfolio to maintain the right asset mix
  • Track progress towards your goals

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How it’s different from traditional investing

Usually, successful investing means beating the benchmark index. In other words, doing better than a stock market like the S&P/TSX. But this way is difficult to connect investment progress with reaching your goals. Sure, you may get a positive return, but does it matter if you can’t ultimately pay for your kid’s college tuition?

Instead, we understand that you have multiple goals such as retirement, saving up for a vacation or paying for your child’s education – it’s more than just beating an index. With Constellation, your advisor helps build the plan around your goals with different time horizons, order of importance and the suitable risk for each goal. They can provide a customized portfolio for each goal, monitor your investments and adjust the portfolio as the markets fluctuate.

How to tell if Constellation is for you:

  • You want to know how and where your money is invested to help you achieve your goals.

  • You want your investments to be accessible online to track your progress.

  • You want clear action steps to come closer to reaching your goals.

  • You want a disciplined investment approach so that you always know you’re on track.