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Prescription drug expenses

If you have coverage through your employer

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GroupNet makes it quick and easy to submit your claims online or print forms that are pre-filled with your personal information. You can also sign up for direct deposit, view coverage information and much more.

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Downloadable forms

Use these forms to claim expenses relating to prescription drug costs. Each form is slightly different depending on your plan, so please read all the descriptions carefully before choosing your form.

Provincial drug programs

Some Canadian provinces – currently British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan - offer provincial drug programs that can help you or your family pay for eligible prescription drugs. Some provinces also have additional or separate provincial drug programs that cover certain specialty medications.

If you have coverage through Canada Life, you are required to register with your province’s pharmacare or specialised drug program. This is because the province will be the primary payer for your eligible drug expenses, while Canada Life is only the secondary payer, meaning we need to coordinate with the government to ensure the right entity is paying for these expenses.

If you don’t register, you risk having access to your prescription suspended until you do so.

Questions about these programs? We’d love to help at 1 8 6 6 2 3 8 2 8 9 1.

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