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Welcome Plan, Ambassador and CANUS claim forms

Have coverage through your employer or plan sponsor? You’re in the right place.

If you have coverage through an advisor, use our personal insurance forms instead.

Submit your claim online

Your online account makes it easy to submit your claims online or print forms that are pre-filled with your personal information.

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Start a paper claim

Use these forms to make an Ambassador, CANUS or Welcome Plan claim. You'll find instructions for submitting each form on the form itself.

Welcome Plan claims

To avoid unnecessary contact with paper forms during COVID-19 please upload your completed form to GroupNet for plan members.

Ambassador claims

If you’re covered under the Ambassador plan, go to the MSH International member siteOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window  to submit your claim. 

CANUS claims

If you’re covered under the CANUS plan, go to the Aetna International websiteOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window  to submit your claim.

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