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Life insurance premium waiver due to disability forms

Have coverage through your employer or plan sponsor? You’re in the right place.

If you have coverage through an advisor, use our personal insurance forms. If you purchased coverage directly through Canada Life, use our Freedom to Choose™ forms.

How to make a claim

Use these forms to apply to waive your workplace life insurance premium if a disability is keeping you from working. 

Step 1: Start a paper claim

Download the form and print it, or fill it out in Adobe Reader XI or higher - Opens in a new window (not your browser) and save.

Step 2: Ask your doctor to complete a physician’s statement.

Choose the most appropriate form for your condition and ask your doctor to complete it.

Step 3: Submit your claim.

You’ll find instructions on how to submit your request on the form itself. 

Not what you're looking for? Find the forms you need.

I have coverage through my employer.

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I bought coverage through an advisor.

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I bought coverage online directly through Canada Life.

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