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Consult+ help and support

About Consult+

Consult+ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Footnote ***

Consult+ Mental Health Services (MHS) Footnote ***

Getting started

Navigating Consult+


The Consult+ application and services follow the same privacy and security measures as Dialogue’s privacy policies and handling of information. Please see - Opens in a new window .

If you have any questions, see the Dialogue Help Centre – Privacy and security section - Opens in a new window .

Do you have more questions or need support?

If you have more questions, please send us an email at Consult+Opens in a new window.

Footnote *
* Consult+ sends prescriptions to a member’s pharmacy electronically. Members can arrange delivery. Consult+ doesn’t pay for prescriptions. Delivery charges may apply. Mental health related prescriptions and refills are excluded.
Footnote **
** Depending on a member’s group benefits plan, coverage options may vary and extra costs may apply.
Footnote ***
*** These additional Consult+ services are only available if your benefit plan included this coverage.