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How Canada Life is supporting you during COVID-19. Learn more

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Canadian Blood Services

We’re partnering with Canadian Blood Services

Supporting campaigns that highlight the importance of blood, plasma, and stem cell donations in communities across Canada.

Sign up to #BeAHero

You can make a life-saving impact without leaving home when you apply online to join the Canadian Blood Services stem cell registry.

Receive a free toque along with a self-swabbing kit in the mail, and for every kit returned before March 31, we’ll donate $10 to Canadian Blood Services (up to a maximum of $15,000).

Pourquoi donner?

La pandémie de COVID-19 a obligé les organisations responsables de la collecte de sang et de plasma à revoir en profondeur leur fonctionnement auprès des donneurs. Cet hiver, tous les rendez-vous ouverts doivent être assignés pour s’assurer que les dons à l’échelle nationale répondent aux besoins des patients et pour aider tous les Canadiens et leurs proches qui luttent jour après jour pour améliorer leur état de santé.

  • Des besoins constants.

    Les réserves de sang à l’échelle nationale durent en moyenne entre cinq et huit jours, ce qui est suffisant pour les patients aujourd’hui – mais les besoins en dons de sang sont constants.

  • Plus que des dons de sang

    Les besoins en plasma sont quatre fois plus élevés que les dons qui sont effectués au Canada.

  • Tous les groupes sanguins sont demandés

    Les dons des donneurs appartenant au groupe O- sont particulièrement recherchés puisque le sang de ces donneurs peut être transfusé à tous.

Becoming a blood or stem cell donor is one of the most generous things you can do for someone in need - especially during a pandemic. We’ve partnered with Canadian Blood Services for more than 50 years, and throughout 2021, we're proud to support campaigns that highlight their vital work. 

The need is greater than ever

Since the start of the pandemic, patients in need of stem cell transplants have faced major challenges due to international border closures, travel restrictions and the health of donors. It's also led to the cancellation of in-person events, which has caused a significant drop in the number of people joining the stem cell registry.

Join Canada’s Stem Cell Registry

Are you ready to #BeAHero? Join our campaign before March 31 to support the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry. You could become a lifesaving match for 1 of hundreds of patients in need of a transplant.

  • Step 1 - Register online

    If you're healthy and aged between 17 and 35, answer some questions and register your interest to receive a kit.

  • Step 2 - Receive your kit

    Your kit will be mailed out to you along with a postage paid return envelope.

  • Step 3 - Swab your cheek

    Simply swab your cheek and send the sample back to Candian Blood Services to be added to the registry.

  • Step 4 - We’ll donate $10

    For every cheek swab kit that’s mailed back before March 31, we’ll donate $10 to Canadian Blood Services*

    FOOTNOTE - (Up to a maximum of $15,000)* 

Are you ready to #BeAHero?

Find out if you're eligible to join the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry and sign up before March 31 to #BeAHero. If you can’t sign up, you can still be a team player by choosing other ways to join Canada’s Lifeline.

Why sign up?

  • Each year, hundreds of patients in Canada need a stem cell transplant to save their life.

  • As a result of COVID-19, recruitment of stem cell donors has dropped by 70%.

  • 75% of patients in Canada rely on a match from an unrelated donor to save their life.

  • Patients are more likely to find a match with a donor who shares their ethnic background.

Source - Canadian Blood Services


Canada Life Week to Save Lives

We called on Canadians to donate blood and help support Canada’s Lifeline this January. 16,670 donor appointments were booked, and our partners collected 11,694 units of whole blood and 4,101 units of plasma as part of the Canada Life™ Week to Save Lives. Thank you to everyone who donated.

The need for blood never stops. Visit Canadian Blood ServicesOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window or Hema-QuebecOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window to learn more about how you can donate in your community. 

Hockey Gives Blood Player Ambassador Program 

This year, we’re helping Hockey Gives Blood raise awareness of the program through player ambassador videos that will help inspire blood donations across the country and encourage Canadians to join the national stem cell registry. 

Why donate?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many blood donation centres have recorded a significant drop in donations. All open appointments this winter need to be filled to ensure the national supply meets the needs of patients, and to help all Canadians and their loved ones who are fighting to wake up healthier each day.

  • A constant need

    The national blood inventory averages between a 5-to-8-day supply, which is enough for patients today - but the need for blood is constant.

  • More than just blood

    The need for plasma is more than 4 times what is donated in Canada. It could take over 100 plasma donations to help treat just 1 patient for a year.

  • All types are needed

    O-negative blood donors are especially needed because this universal blood type can be transfused to any patient.

Are you ready to #BeAHero?

Find out if you're eligible to join the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry and sign up before March 31 to #BeAHero. If you can’t sign up, you can still be a team player by choosing other ways to join Canada’s Lifeline.

Canadian Blood Services is a registered charity — Charitable Registration no. 870157641RR001. 
Héma-Québec is a registered charity - Charitable Registration no. 897134623RR0001.