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Social Media Guideline

Canada Life is active online with social media and invites you to share your comments and thoughts through our platforms.

At Canada Life, we are committed to respecting your privacy. The providers of social media platforms used by Canada Life are not affiliated with our organization. As such, we recommend that you use care when sharing personal information on these platforms. Personal information you share with us in private messages over our social media platforms may be disclosed with our employees, representatives and third party service providers. These third party service providers may be responsible for handling our social media accounts, including responding to any of the questions or issues you raised. As these individuals and service providers may in some cases be located outside of Canada, the personal information Footnote 1 you share could be subject to access under the laws of such foreign jurisdictions.

Content that you post on our public social media platforms is not private and may be seen by anyone who visits our platform. When you share information in public comments or posts, you acknowledge and agree that it is not confidential, and that if you are sharing information of another individual, you have the permission of the individual to do so.

Canada Life reserves the right to remove any posts which violate our Community TermsOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window applicable to the specific social media platform. In addition, Canada Life reserves the right to remove or cause to be removed posts or comments that constitute or include: 

  • Sensitive personal information. 
    • No personal information should be posted on our social media platforms. Canada Life also discourages sending personal information through private messages to our social media. 
  • Personal attacks, or defamatory, abusive, or hateful comments. 
  • Links to any content containing a virus

Canada Life reserves the right to add to, remove, or change any of the terms of this Social Media Guideline at any time. This Social Media Guideline applies in addition to, but does not replace, any Community Terms applicable to a specific social media platform.

For more information about Canada Life’s Privacy Practices, please visit our Privacy Guidelines and Online Privacy Statement here or write to us using the below contact information:

Chief Compliance Officer
Canada Life Insurance Company
255 Dufferin Avenue
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 4K1
Footnote 1
1 Personal Information is information about an identifiable individual. It includes, but is not limited to, health and financial information.