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By Canada Life | Apr. 13, 2023

With today’s rising interest rates, increased inflation and market volatility, the strategy may provide investors with some stability in their portfolios.

Our latest report offers insights on how value investing can help support a balanced portfolio. While the steady increase in market valuations over the past decade has been largely driven by growth stocks, analysts are advising the time may have come for value investing.

Value investing is making a comeback

  • Current economic conditions are resulting in value investing coming back in favour
  • Investor pessimism and market and economic drivers may cause some stocks to become undervalued
  • Now is a good time to understand and assess the value allocation in your portfolio

Higher interest rates make value more attractive

  • During periods of high interest rates value stocks may tend to outperform growth stocks
  • Check your portfolio to see if it has a disproportionate weighting to growth with respect to your risk tolerance 

Patience is important

  • Value investing should be viewed as a long-term strategy.
  • It may take many years for a stock’s price to match its intrinsic value 

Active management matters

  • Look for a manager who’s able to layer on strong fundamental analysis, including qualitative inputs such as understanding a management team’s strategy, credibility and long-term vision 

Diversification is key

  • Value investing shouldn’t be looked at in isolation
  • Value and growth both have a role to play in a well diversified portfolio
  • Incorporate a balanced approach as no one investment style can be expected to always be dominant
  • Ensure your portfolio is appropriately diversified across investment styles to help you capture upside and mitigate downside risk

Get the report to learn more about the value investing approach and how your clients can benefit from this strategy.

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