Benefits of segregated fund policies

Diversify your investments and reach your financial goals faster.

Protection for your investments

Segregated fund policies give you growth potential while protecting the value of your investment with maturity and death benefit guarantees. These guarantees protect part or all of your investment; when you reach the policy maturity guarantee date or pass away, if your investment is worth less than its guaranteed value, the insurance protection will top-up the policy to your chosen percentage – either 75% or up to 100% of your original value, proportionately reduced by any withdrawals.

A seamless way to pass on your wealth

In the event of your death, the person you choose to settle your affairs could find the process stressful. Segregated fund policies offer a simple and straightforward way to pass on your money. Unlike some investments, the death benefit from your segregated fund policy will go directly to your named beneficiaries and won’t flow through your estate. This could be faster, less expensive and less stressful than other options. If the policy has a designated beneficiary, the way you choose to leave your money, and to whom is private.*

You’ve built your legacy – we’ll help protect it

Segregated fund policies may help protect your investment should you run into tough financial times. They can help ensure certain beneficiaries take priority over the claims of creditors. In these situations, your segregated fund investments could be protected, even if you owe money, are sued or file for bankruptcy. This could be more important to you if you are self-employed or a business owner. Features vary by age and product. Ask your advisor for more information.**

* In Saskatchewan, executors must disclose all known life insurance policies owned by the deceased, including segregated fund policies. They must list the insurance company, policy number, designated beneficiaries and the value at the date of death.

** Creditor protection depends on court decisions and applicable legislation.  It can be subject to change and can vary from province to province; it can never be guaranteed. Talk to your lawyer to find out more about the potential for creditor protection for your specific situation.