HelloLife retirement program

When you pay yourself, you make the rules.

What is HelloLife?

HelloLife isn’t just a financial product or a way to save for the future. It’s an all-encompassing program and spending plan that helps ensure your money lasts throughout your retirement years.

Who is it for?

The HelloLife programOpens a new website in a new window is suitable for people who are close to retirement or who have already retired and are looking for a combination of security and flexibility. These individuals may not have guaranteed income from a company pension and are looking to supplement existing sources of guaranteed income. They also value the ability to access their investments when life changes.

How does it work?

You work with your advisor to plan your retirement goals, like travelling or buying a cottage. Together, you can use an interactive retirement income planner to determine both your basic spending needs and your lifestyle spending. The goal is to create an income plan that transforms your retirement savings into a steady income stream to support your spending in retirement.

Once your customized HelloLife program is in place, twice a year you’ll receive a package with a summary letter that shows the amount of income you’ve received from the HelloLife program, as well as your individual segregated fund statements. Talk to your advisor about the HelloLife retirement income program today.

Please visit HelloLifeRetirement.comOpens a new website in a new window to learn more about how the program can help you achieve your retirement goals.