Investing for you and your family

Saving isn’t always easy. We can help you find a solution to match your unique financial needs.

Our range of retirement and investment solutions can help achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re supporting a family, saving for your children’s education or building a nest egg for your retirement, we can help you and your family through every stage of life.

HelloLife retirement program

HelloLife is an all-encompassing program and spending plan that helps ensure your money lasts throughout your retirement years, while providing flexibility.

Segregated fund policies

As a professionally managed pool of money spread across numerous investments, a segregated fund can help you diversify your portfolio.

Income annuities

Income annuities provide you with regular income for life or a set period of time. They can be part of the HelloLife retirement program.

Guaranteed interest options

Guaranteed interest terms offer a fixed-interest rate for the term you select, and can add stability to your financial plans.

Savings options

Our variety of savings options can help you achieve your savings goals, all of which carry unique features and benefits.

RRIF/LIF calculator

Find out how much income you'll get from your retirement savings.