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Freedom Financial™ NextStep™ plan – retirement options for departing employees

Help your employees start their next chapter with confidence

The Freedom Financial™ NextStep™ plan provides retirement and savings guidance for people moving on from your organization.

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  • Focus on your current employees

    We keep track of retiring or former plan members so you can prioritize today’s workforce.

  • Empower your departing employees

    We help them understand the pension options available and the actions they need to take.

  • Smooth journey forward

    Former members easily transfer out of their account to NextStep – with no admin or cost to you.

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What is the Freedom Financial™ NextStep™ plan?

You helped them plan for the future when they were part of your team.

With the Freedom Financial™ NextStep™ plan, you can make sure your retiring or departing employees start this new financial chapter of their lives with the same confidence – and similar great group rates - they had when they were saving with your group retirement savings plan.

We’ll help your departing or retiring employees understand the retirement savings and income options available to them in NextStep – RRSPs, TFSAs, RRIFs, LIFs and more – and we’ll offer them expert guidance on the right next steps for their future.

Why should you offer your employees NextStep?

If they’re terminated or moving on, they need to choose what happens to the money they’ve saved with you. Before they retire, your members need to decide how they’ll turn their savings into retirement income.

As people approach retirement, this can be a complex decision, but you can make this step easier by teaming up with Canada Life, with no additional administration or costs for you as their plan sponsor.

Why should your employees choose NextStep?

  • Personalized service

    Specialists with deep financial experience guide your employees to make a decision about their savings that works for them.

  • Great savings

    They’ll keep the group advantage with generally lower fees than retail investments – and a simple sign up process means they get their money working for them faster.

  • Simple sign-up

    Our simple Terminate feature online means employees learn about their options and can make important decisions more quickly.

Let's build a plan that works for you.

Our experts can help you figure out an approach that works for your business.

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