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Sector equity funds

Different funds to achieve unique goals

Whether you want to minimize the impact of taxes, draw an income or something else, you have options with our mutual funds.

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What are sector equity funds?

Sector equity funds invest primarily in stocks from companies in a particular industry or economic sector. They tend to have more risk than balanced funds.

Sector equity funds you can choose from
Fund name
What it invests in
Fund objectives
Ideal investor
Canada Life Global Real Estate Fund (London Capital)
Primarily in equities of companies, real estate investment trusts units (REITs) and other trusts and entities around the world whose primary business is  the ownership, management and/or development of real property
Long-term capital growth
Medium to long-term investors who can handle stock and real estate market volatility and have medium risk tolerance
Mackenzie Global Resource Fund
Primarily shares of companies anywhere in the world in energy and natural resource industries
Long-term capital growth
Long-term investors who can handle the volatility of stock and commodity markets, and have a high tolerance for risk
Mackenzie Precious Metals Class
Primarily in precious metals and in equities of global companies which produce or supply precious metals
Long-term capital growth
Long-term investors who can handle stock and metals market volatility and have high risk tolerance
Canada Life Global Infrastructure Equity Fund
Primarily in companies located anywhere in the world that are involved in or benefit from, infrastructure-related operations
Long-term capital appreciation
Medium to long-term investors who can handle stock market volatility and have medium risk tolerance
Canada Life Science and Technology Fund (London Capital)
Primarily in securities of Canadian and U.S. companies in the science and technology sectors
Long-term capital growth
Long-term investors who can handle stock market volatility and have a high risk tolerance

Get mutual fund facts and details

It’s important to make informed financial decisions with the help of your advisor. Through Fundata, you can learn more about our funds with these reports:

  • Check the historical performance of your specific fund, under Resources, select the first icon
  • Explore the top holdings of a specific fund, plus it’s risk rating, and asset, geographic and sector allocations, under Resources select the second icon
  • Access the fund facts for your specific mutual fund with performance history, holdings, risks and costs, under Resources select the third icon
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Detailed fund information

Get legal and regulatory disclosure documents about Canada Life Mutual Funds and Canada Life Pathways funds. Your advisor can help you understand what this information means.

Meet our fund managers

It’s important to know who is managing your money. Our mutual fund managers are regularly reviewed and monitored for corporate structure, compliance processes, investment style and risk and investment performance. 

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Talk to an advisor to start investing today.

Canada Life Mutual Funds and Canada Life Pathways funds available through a mutual fund managed by Mackenzie Financial Corporation offered exclusively through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. Make your investment decisions wisely. Important information about mutual funds is found in the Fund Facts document. Please read this carefully before investing. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and past performance may not be repeated.