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Canada Life Pathways funds

A clear path to help you achieve your goals

Bring clarity and control to your investments so you can be confident in your choices.

A suite of mutual funds built for goal-based investing

Canada Life Pathways funds are a suite of mutual funds that act as the building blocks to reach the goals that matter to you.

These funds have leading fund managers, carefully chosen by Canada Life, each with their own process to manage their specific funds. 

When you save and invest through Pathways funds, you can take advantage of concentrated portfolios (holding a smaller number of investments than conventional portfolios). 

Canada Life Pathway funds are managed by Canada Life Investment Management Ltd.Opens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window and offered exclusively through Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

Why you can be confident in Pathways funds

  • Strength

    Pathways fund managers have in-depth knowledge and a track record in managing investment strategies for institutional investors like pension funds.

  • Focus

    Pathways fund managers have a sharp focus and strive to achieve the right mix of risk and return to help you reach your goals.

  • Discipline

    Pathways fund managers use deep research and a disciplined process to help position your investments for higher returns and long-term growth.

What's a concentrated portfolio?

A concentrated portfolio means the fund typically invests in 50 stocks or less primarily in their asset class or geographic region.

Many Pathways investment managers use a concentrated portfolio strategy because while it increases volatility, it also increases the potential reward. A more concentrated portfolio also allows the fund managers to focus on a manageable number of quality investments. This can help position your investments for higher returns, so you can achieve your goals. 

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Types of Pathways funds

One of the easiest ways to classify investments is by asset class. An asset class is a group of investments which have similar characteristics and behave similarly in the marketplace. Each asset class performs a specific function within a portfolio. Historically, they’ve had different rates of return and risk.

Asset class
Investment mix
Fund performance
Fixed income funds
Generally government or corporate bonds
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Canadian equity funds
Investing primarily in publicly traded equity issues of Canadian companies with above average growth potential.
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U.S. equity funds
Investing primarily in a broad range of U.S. equity securities.
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Global and regional equity funds
Mostly stocks from companies around the globe or in specific regions of the world
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Fund managers trusted by institutional investors

Our fund managers have long track records of success managing the strategy for institutional investors (such as  huge pension plans) – and now they’re available to you. 

Legal and regulatory documents

View the legal and regulatory disclosure documents for Canada Life Mutual Funds, including the Canada Life Pathways Funds.