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Legal and regulatory documents


Effective Aug. 19, 2021, Canada Life Pathways Mutual Funds’ legal and regulatory documents have been consolidated with those for the Canada Life Mutual Funds.

Fund facts

The Fund FactsOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window documents highlight key information about our mutual funds, including holdings, performance, risk, and the costs of buying and owning a fund.

Simplified prospectuses and amendments

The simplified prospectus is published annually and contains important information about the funds, such as the investment objectives, investment strategies, histories, investment managers, risk assessments and distribution policies.

Annual information forms and amendments

The annual information form provides in-depth fund information including fund names, formation and history, investment restrictions and practices, valuation of portfolio securities, calculation of security price, purchases and switches (exchanges of securities) and management expense reductions.

Annual and Interim MRFPs

MRFPs are prepared twice a year and include commentary on a fund's operations and recent developments, along with financial highlights, performance and summary portfolio information.

Annual MRFPs

Annual and interim financial statements

Financial statements are prepared twice a year and provide a summary of a fund's financial position and a complete list of the securities held in the portfolio at the end of the period.

Annual financial statements

Quarterly portfolio disclosure

Portfolios as at June 30, 2021

Governance and other important information

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