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Detailed fund information

Your advisor can help you understand what these legal and regulatory documents mean.

Simplified prospectus and monthly holdings

Simplified prospectus

The simplified prospectus is published annually and contains important information about the funds, such as the investment objectives, investment strategies, histories, investment managers, risk assessments and distribution policies.

Monthly holdings

This report lists the securities in each investment fund.

Fund financial statements and annual information form

Fund financial statements are issued every March and September. To receive paper copies of these reports, please send your full name, mailing address and account number to:

Audited fund financial statements

Semi-annual unaudited fund financial statements

Annual information form

The annual information form provides in-depth fund information including fund names, formation and history, investment restrictions and practices, valuation of portfolio securities, calculation of security price, purchases and switches (exchanges of securities) and management expense reductions.

Proxy voting record

To provide investors with greater transparency and more detailed information, Canadian securities regulations require investment fund managers to annually disclose the record of proxy votes. If a change to a fund is proposed, unitholders of that fund are given the opportunity to vote for, or against, the change. Voting can happen either in person at a public meeting, or by sending it in advance to be counted along with the votes of unitholders who attend the meeting. This is called voting by proxy.

You can view voting records for individual securities on a fund-by-fund basis. For each security, a brief description of each voting matter is provided, whether the investment fund voted on the matter, and whether the votes cast were for or against the recommendations of the management of the issuer. This information is for the period ending March 31 of each year and is updated on May 31.

Access proxy voting record

Fund performance reports and portfolio disclosures

Management reports of fund performance (MRFP)

MRFPs are created for each fund and contain detailed fund information including names of the portfolio management team, results and fund performance commentary, overview of past performance, geographic and sector allocation, top 25 holdings, financial highlights, management fees, fund formation and series information.

March annual MRFP

September interim MRFP

To receive paper copies of these reports, please send your full name, mailing address and account number to:

Portfolio disclosures

Quarterly portfolio disclosures are published twice a year in June and December and report on periods not covered by the management reports of fund performance. The quarterly portfolio disclosure provides a breakdown of each fund's portfolio into appropriate subgroups and lists the top 25 holdings.

June portfolio disclosures

December portfolio disclosures

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