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Legal and regulatory documents

Fund Facts

The Fund FactsOpens a new website in a new window - Opens in a new window documents highlight key information about our mutual funds, including holdings, performance, risk, and the costs of buying and owning a fund.

Simplified Prospectus and Amendments

The simplified prospectus is renewed annually and contains important information about the funds, including the entities and individuals responsible for their administration; valuation; purchases, switches and redemptions; fees and expenses; income tax considerations; and the investment objectives, strategies and risks for each fund.

Management Reports of Fund Performance (MRFPs)

MRFPs are prepared twice a year and include commentary on a fund's operations and recent developments, along with financial highlights, performance and summary portfolio information.

Annual MRFPs

Interim MRFPs

Financial Statements

Financial statements are prepared twice a year and provide a summary of a fund's financial position and a complete list of the securities held in the portfolio at the end of the period.

Annual Financial Statements

Interim Financial Statements

Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure

Portfolios as at December 31, 2022