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Target Risk Asset Allocation Funds

Your optimal investment

Choose a fund that that matches your comfort level of investment risk and take advantage of long-term growth opportunities.

  • Diversified

    Each fund portfolio includes different management styles, industries, countries and types of holdings.

  • Professionally managed

    Some of the world’s best investment managers bring their portfolio management expertise to each fund.

  • Strategic

    Every portfolio is built to achieve strong investment returns in all market conditions while managing risk.

What are target risk asset allocation funds?

Target risk asset allocation funds establish and maintain a specific level of risk in each fund’s portfolio over time. Selected by industry-leading professional investment managers, Canada Life Target Risk Asset Allocation Funds are a mix of different investments. They’re tailored to suit your needs and built to help protect your savings if the markets get rough. Asset allocation funds make investing simple by giving you a diversified portfolio in one fund.

Canada Life Target Risk Asset Allocation Funds

No matter what you’re saving for, Canada Life Target Risk Asset Allocation Funds can offer competitive performance while helping protect your assets.

Who should invest in a target risk asset allocation fund?

  • You’re just starting to invest

  • You want a quick, easy-to-understand, discipined investment approach

  • You want investment consistency and clarity

  • You’re looking to maximize your opportunity for returns while your investments stay within your target risk comfort level

What’s the right fund for you?

Let’s figure out which target risk asset allocation fund works for you.

What risk are you comfortable with?
What are you looking for from an investment?
Bottom line
The lowest risk possible while still being in the market
Primarily for income with the potential for some growth
You want to protect your investment’s value with the least risk available.
Potential gains with limited risk
Income and some long-term growth potential but only comfortable with a small amount of risk
You want to protect your investment’s value and are comfortable with low risk
Equal amount of risk and reward
Balance between long-term growth with low to moderate risk
You want  a balance between generating income and protection from market ups and downs
Willing to accept risk for potential growth
Invest for the long term with some income opportunity
You’re comfortable with moderate risk but would like some protection from market ups and downs
Willing to take greater risk for greater reward
Potential growth
You’re comfortable with moderate to high risk if it means the potential for greater reward

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