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Canada Life Sustainable Target Date Funds

Help employees invest for returns while helping to reshape the future

It’s easy to influence positive change for the world and reach financial goals.

  • Purpose driven

    Invest in companies that demonstrate strong environmental, social and governance practices.

  • Performance focused

    These portfolios navigate challenging markets while helping employees reach their retirement savings goals with strong risk-adjusted return potential.

  • Collective thinking

    Our fund management teams harness the expertise of more than 100 experts who actively manage the funds’ investments.

What are Canada Life Sustainable Target Date Funds?

Canada Life Sustainable Target Date Funds are diversified all-in-one investment solutions that look to invest in companies that strive to make a positive contribution to society and the environment. They limit investments in companies with damaging or unsustainable business practices. These portfolios are one way we’re helping Canadians invest responsibly while working toward reaching their retirement savings goals.

How the funds work

Canada Life Sustainable Target Date Funds shift to preserve savings as they get closer to the desired  retirement date while supporting a more sustainable future with a responsible investing focus. Think of it as balancing purpose with performance.

  • Responsibly focused

    Invest in companies that follow strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and avoid those that don’t.

  • Globally diversified

    To deliver the potential to increase returns and lower expected volatility.

  • Actively managed

    Actively managed to navigate market ups and downs, strive to help protect your savings during downturns and work to capture gains when markets rise.

  • Tactically tilted

    Allows portfolios to respond to opportunities and threats at various market stages to account for market developments over shorter timeframes.

  • Professionally monitored and rebalanced

    Helps keep portfolio asset mix aligned with sustainable investing objectives, retirement savings needs and timelines.

How to tell if a sustainable target date fund is right for you

  • Canadians are thinking differently about how their investments can make the world a better place. Your employees are no different.

  • Taking a sustainable approach to investing can help enhance risk and return characteristics. Looking beyond a company’s financial statements to their ESG practices can help build stronger portfolios.

Let's build a plan that works for you.

Our experts can help you figure out an approach that works for your business.

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Canada Life Sustainable Target Date Funds are available through a group variable annuity policy issued by The Canada Life Assurance Company.