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Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios

Funds that help navigate uncertainty and volatility

Balance stability, income and growth while helping protect your savings from down markets.

  • Reduced volatility

    Help defend against extreme market swings and minimize losses during periods of market volatility.

  • Growth potential

    These resilient portfolios aim to provide consistent returns for long-term financial success.

  • Professional managers

    Dedicated experts choose the portfolio and steer it through shifting markets.

What are Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios?

Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios help reduce the amount of time and worry spent on your investments. Our experts build diversified portfolios that balance insulation from risk with achieving growth and providing income. These portfolios incorporate traditional securities like equities and bonds, with non-traditional approaches, like alternative assets and options to reduce risk.

How do these portfolios work?

Our Risk-Managed Portfolios bring together a powerful mix of investment styles, strategies and asset classes that can balance income and long-term growth while reducing volatility.

  • Fixed income

    Bonds and treasury bills which have less risk than equities and provide stable income.

  • Equities

    Stocks in companies from around the world with growth opportunities.

  • Exchange traded funds

    Hold a collection of securities (like stocks and bonds) and a more cost-efficient way to gain market exposure for long-term growth potential.

  • Alternative strategies

    They provide additional diversification and decrease risk and volatility without proportionately reducing expected returns.

  • Risk reduction pool

    Acts like insurance by giving up some potential gains (similar to paying a premium) while protecting from extreme market drops to offer a protected band of returns (see below).

Protected band of returns

Risk-Managed Portfolios provide a cushion to mitigate potential losses and consistently stay within expected return ranges for a smoother investment experience – even when markets aren’t so smooth.

How to tell if a risk-managed portfolio is for you

  • You have a low to moderate risk tolerance

  • You want to save for your future and you’re looking for growth but you may be sensitive to loss

  • You’re a conservative investor with a low risk tolerance and you may be interested in a moderate approach that balances protection from down markets with growth opportunities

  • You may be approaching or in retirement and are seeking income and a balanced investment approach with growth opportunities while smoothing out extreme market ups and downs

Choose the right Risk-Managed Portfolio for your needs

There are three Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios to meet your needs:

Canada Life Risk-Managed Conservative Income Portfolio

If you’re looking for significant protection from market downturns with modest growth potential, while still earning stable income.

Canada Life Risk-Managed Balanced Portfolio

If you’re looking for a balance of protection and growth potential.

Canada Life Risk-Managed Growth Portfolio

If you’re looking to maintain some protection from market downturns with enhanced growth potential.

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