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Estate at Ease

Simplify your role as executor

The death of a loved one brings grief and overwhelming paperwork. Estate at EaseTM estate executor services can help make the process easier for you.

What is Estate at Ease?

Estate at Ease is a service we refer that prepares forms and documents to help settle an estate, including:

  • Government letters, applications and notifications
  • Memberships and licences
  • Pensions, benefits and life insurance policies
  • Loyalty programs and subscriptions
  • Dormant bank accounts
  • Charities
  • Health services Internet, phone and cable
  • Utilities
  • Property taxes

Simplify your role as executor

This service made a real difference for Cheryl and Andrea. Learn how by watching this short video.

How does Estate at Ease work?

In just four steps, Estate at Ease helps you carry some of the load.

  • Initial 30-minute phone call

    An associate calls you to learn about your loved one’s estate and identify documents pertaining to the estate.

  • Review and identify

    They’ll review hundreds of items and identify those relevant to the estate. They’ll even help safeguard the estate against identity fraud.

  • Complete paperwork

    They’ll prepare documents for your signature and mail them to you.

  • Sign and mail

    You sign the documents and mail them in a stamped, pre-addressed envelope. The associates will support you for a full year.

How much does it cost?

You’ll receive a full year of Estate at Ease for a flat fee of $525 (plus tax) per estate regardless of the number of documents, letters or phone calls.

All of the paperwork was extremely well organized, complete and my associate was amazing in helping me find the information required. This is an amazing service for those in the grieving process.

A.S.M., Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Estate at Ease services are provided by Peacehold Canada IncTM. Peacehold Canada Inc. is a separate company, not affiliated with Canada Life, and is responsible for the services it provides. Estate at Ease does not provide legal, accounting or insurance services and complies with the privacy laws of Canada. Price subject to change. Canada Life and design, and Estate at Ease are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company.