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Estate planning

Let’s get your estate in order

You’ve worked hard for what you have. Now, take steps to preserve it after you’re gone.

What is estate planning?

You already have an estate, made of all the insurance, real estate, and other assets you’ve worked hard to gather over your life. Estate planning is the process of making sure that when you die, those assets are managed and distributed the way you want.

A will is the most well-known part of an estate plan, but it’s just one piece. Your advisor, lawyer, notary, or tax professional can help you build a complete plan.

  • Professional planning

    More than just a will – make a plan that covers your whole estate.

  • Help for your loved ones

    Figuring out a plan now helps your executor carry it out in the future.

  • Easy organization

    Our checklists and guides make getting started simple.

How do I know when to start?

Having an estate plan is always important, but as you get close to retirement it becomes especially useful. It’s best to start planning well before you need it, so that you’re not making a rushed decision.

Could your executor benefit from Estate at Ease™?

Settling an estate is an important responsibility that comes with a lot of paperwork. Estate at Ease helps reduce that burden, saving your loved ones time while they’re grieving.

How does it work?

When you start planning you’ll work with an advisor and any other professionals you may need, like a notary or a lawyer, to walk through a few simple steps:

  1. Prioritize your goals
  2. Take inventory of your possessions – financial and otherwise
  3. Build your plan (your advisor can help)
  4. Put your plan into place
  5. Share your plan with your family, your professional team, and anyone who may receive part of your estate
  6. Monitor your plan, and adjust it as needed

What are the benefits of having an estate plan?

  • Ensure your wishes are put into action

  • Set your loved ones up for a simpler process

  • Work with a professional to get support

  • Feel confident about the future with a plan in place

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