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Canada Life Securities Ltd.

Expert advice for your securities portfolio

Take more control of your investing with the specialist guidance you need to manage your portfolio.

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  • Manage risk

    You’ll get advice on when to consider making adjustments to your securities portfolio.

  • Tax efficiency

    Get help choosing the right investments and selling them for cash when necessary in a tax-effective manner.

  • Bounce ideas

    Validate investment decisions, and get help identifying what’s news and what’s noise in the markets and media.

What is Canada Life Securities Ltd.?

Canada Life Securities Ltd. offers professional advice on a range of securities, such as stocks, bonds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and how to integrate them into your investment strategy.

A securities specialist working with your financial advisor can recommend investments that complement the securities you own, helping you maintain a diversified investment mix to help maximize performance and minimize risk.

How to tell if Canada Life Securities Ltd. is for you

  • You’re nearing retirement and looking to consolidate your assets
  • You’re looking to take a simpler, more hands-off approach to investing
  • You’d like to benefit from specialist advice while still keeping your financial advisor as your main point of contact

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Detailed securities information

Get legal and regulatory disclosure documents about Canada Life Securities Ltd. Your advisor can help you understand what this information means.

Canada Life Securities Ltd. is a subsidiary of The Canada Life Assurance Company.
Canada Life Securities Ltd. is a member of IIROC and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.