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Investing and saving

Welcome to the one place with everything you need to know about increasing wealth and securing your savings.

Investing and saving

Welcome to the one place with everything you need to know about increasing wealth and securing your savings.

Preserve and grow your wealth for a better life

Let us help you find ways to save, achieve your goals and make sure the money you’ve worked hard for is now working for you.

  • Discover your investment options

    Investing can be simple. We’ll explain how it works so you can make smart choices.

  • Create your plan, with our help

    Our financial advisors can become your personal long-term planning partners and counselors.

  • Bring your goals nearer

    Over time, your investments and savings can help secure the future you want for you and your family.

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Investments: Start growing your wealth

Investing is a smart way to build your wealth. We can help you find your way around the world of investments and make sure your choices are well informed.

Increase your assets with segregated funds

Invest with a safety net. Segregated funds are our most popular investment choice.

View Segregated funds

Achieve clear financial goals

Goals-based investing with a managed program allows you to create a personalized action plan and track your progress.

View Constellation program

Turn investments into steady retirement

We can help you comfortably transition into your retirement years with options for turning investments into steady retirement income.

View Retirement solutions

Diversify your investments with mutual funds

The flexible way to spread your eggs amongst several baskets. Mutual funds are how many investors achieve their financial goals.

View mutual funds

We can help you start investing today.

Savings: put a little away today, have more tomorrow

Savings plans are a good way to preserve and potentially increase your money. And naturally, the sooner you start, the more you can save.

How saving money early can benefit you later

Saving early and often can help you retire with confidence. Find out the ways to do it.

Learn more

5 things to know about an RRSP and a TFSA

Find out the many differences between a registered retirement savings account and a tax-free savings account.

Learn more

How you can save more money each month

Saving early can help you reach your financial goals. Learn what to take advantage of to save more each month.

Learn more

5 financial steps to help new parents

Following these 5 steps can help you manage the financial challenges of being a new parent.

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Why Canada life?

We take pride in our long history of serving the financial needs of Canadians. With over 170 years of experience, we have a long-standing history of financial strength and stability. We look to our insurance roots to effectively manage risk to meet our commitments to you.