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Be aware of fraudulent marketing materials

Recently, Canada LifeTM identified fraudulent marketing brochures promoting the sale of a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) and a fixed rate control bond plan, which were represented as being offered by Canada Life Investment Management Ltd. (CLIML).

The brochures look very similar to materials Canada Life creates; however these are not products Canada Life or CLIML offers. Canada Life is not affiliated in any way with the individuals or organization offering these products.

Here are some helpful tips or things to keep in mind to help identify fraud: 

  • We’ll never ask you to share personal information via email. 
  • We’ll never ask you to send us money or give us your bank details through email or over the phone.
  • Any payments for our products would be made directly to The Canada Life Assurance Company through either cheque or electronic funds transfer (EFT), or wire transfer.  

If you’ve received something from someone who claims to work for Canada Life and want to make sure it’s genuine, or would like to report fraudulent activity, you can email Corporate Security and Investigations, or call our tip line at 1-877-751-3417. 

Here are some additional tips to protect yourself against fraud and some common internet scams to be aware of.