Life insurance

Life insurance can help protect the people who rely on you, and assure them that they will be taken care of if you are no longer there.

Life insurance can be used to provide financial security and income for those you name as beneficiary, pay any debts and final expenses, or leave a legacy for future generations or charitable organizations that you care about.

In addition to the protection life insurance offers after your death, it can also support a sound financial plan while you’re alive. Permanent life insurance gives you the opportunity to grow cash value within your policy over time, which can help you achieve your financial goals – like supplementing your retirement income or paying for your children’s education. We offer two types of permanent coverage: universal life insurance and participating life insurance.

Term life insurance is well-suited to shorter-term protection needs at a lower initial cost.

Term life insurance

Well-suited to meet high, short-term protection needs for the lowest initial cost.

Universal life insurance

Flexible, cost-effective lifetime coverage combined with an investment component.