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Saskatchewan provincial health plan

What’s covered by the provincial government health plan?

Many local, regional, and provincial organizations in Saskatchewan collaborate to provide you with the basic healthcare services you may need.

Are you covered?

To qualify, you must be a resident of Saskatchewan and reside in the province for at least 6 months every year. You must register with eHealth Saskatchewan to be eligible. Certain exceptions apply. - Opens in a new window

What’s covered in Saskatchewan?
Benefit Coverage details
Prescription drugs

The Saskatchewan Special Support Program - Opens in a new window provides financial assistance for prescription drug costs, based on your income and drug cost. Depending on your current coverage, you may have to pay a co-payment once the semi-annual deductible has been reached. The SSP covers drugs listed on the Saskatchewan drug formulary - Opens in a new window

Additionally, Seniors 65 years and older are covered under the Seniors’ Drug Plan - Opens in a new window and children 14 years and younger are covered under the Children’s Drug Plan - Opens in a new window . In either situation, you pay $25 for prescription drugs listed on the Saskatchewan drug formulary - Opens in a new window or approved under the exception drug status - Opens in a new window

Ambulance Though there is no coverage available, the costs are subsidized by the province for ground and air ambulance services depending on where you live. - Opens in a new window  Ambulance services for seniors 65 years and older are capped per trip by the Senior Citizens’ Ambulance Assistance Program.
Dental benefits There is no coverage for routine services. The Ministry of Health provides partial coverage for certain required oral surgeries to treat specific conditions, orthodontic services for cleft palate when referred by a physician or dentist, and tooth extraction when medically required. Learn more about dental coverage - Opens in a new window .
Vision care

Residents under 18 years of age or have a confirmed diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes are covered for an annual eye exam only. You’re also covered for any ocular emergencies. 

You aren’t covered for prescription glasses or contact lenses. Learn more about eye exam coverage - Opens in a new window .

Hospital Coverage may be available, however no information is available on the Saskatchewan website.

You’re covered for a portion of chiropodist and podiatrist services. You’re also covered for physiotherapy or occupational therapy services when rendered in a hospital, special care home, community agency or certain private clinics. No coverage is available for all other paramedical services. 

Find out what paramedical services are available. - Opens in a new window
Hearing aids

No coverage is available for hearing aids. Coverage may be available for audiology services to eligible residents.

Learn more about audiology services - Opens in a new window

Nursing benefits and home care The Saskatchewan Health Authority provides home care coverage including case management and assessment, home nursing, and physical and occupational therapy services. You’re responsible for a partial pay fee - Opens in a new window  based on your income and services received. Private home care services are not covered.
Accidental death and dismemberment No coverage is available for accidental death and dismemberment.
Medical supplies

The Saskatchewan Aids for Independent Living - Opens in a new window provides some coverage to residents with physical handicaps and certain chronic illnesses.

The Saskatchewan Insulin Pump Program provides some coverage of insulin pumps to those with Type 1 Diabetes and continuous and flash glucose monitoring systems for those 18 and under who meet specific criteria. Click here for more information. - Opens in a new window

Continuous Glucose Monitors - Opens in a new window are covered for those 18 and under who meet certain eligibility requirements.

There is also coverage for residents with moderate to severe sleep apnea for CPAP breathing machines, provided you meet the eligible requirements. Click here to find out more. - Opens in a new window

Out of country The province covers emergency in-patient and out-patient services, subject to a daily maximum - Opens in a new window . Saskatchewan limits coverage to 1 visit a day. You are responsible for the difference between the full amount charged and the amount covered by Saskatchewan Health.

How personal insurance can keep you covered

Personal health insurance can help supplement your coverage where you need it most.

  • Cover unexpected costs

    Though you’re covered, you still pay for some of your provincial health coverage. Personal health insurance can help make sure you aren't paying out of pocket for unexpected expenses.

  • Plan ahead

    Knowing the gaps in provincial plans and the workplace coverage you have can help make sure you have the coverage you and your family needs.

  • Help save money

    Taking care of your health now means avoiding serious illnesses or paying for expensive treatments later. Personal insurance can help you get the services and care you need without the big cost.

Talk to an advisor

Government health coverage varies from province-to-province. Let’s build a plan so you and your family are protected.

These highlights from the Saskatchewan Health Plan are for general reference only and are subject to change, corrections and updates. Other government programs may also be available. For more information on the latest coverage details, contact the Saskatchewan Health Plan.

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Last updated: April 2022