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Health care benefits for departing employees

Give your employees a secure send-off

Freedom to Choose™ health and dental insurance helps retiring and departing employees cover unexpected medical costs when it’s needed most.

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  • Support your community

    Show care for your workforce without adding costs.

  • Easy access

    Your departing employees can apply online quickly and simply.

  • A safe path forward

    Know your retiring employees are set up well for their next chapter.

What is Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance

Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance is an affordable way for people who are retiring or leaving your organization to keep their health and dental insurance.

With no medical exam, Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance gives your departing employees the option to find a plan that works for their needs. It’s security for them, at no cost to you.

How does it work?

  • You let departing employees know that Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance is an option.
  • Employees can apply for Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance online within 60 days of losing their group coverage.
  • We handle their application and follow up directly with them.

Let’s give your departing employees the tools to take care of themselves.

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Why should my employees choose Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance?

  • Easy qualification

    Even with pre-existing conditions, your employees won’t need a medical exam to qualify.

  • No lifetime maximum

    Although there are annual limits to the payments they can receive, there is no lifetime maximum, so your departing employees can stay covered longer.

  • Available nationwide

    As long as your employees qualify for provincial health coverageOpens in a new window in the Canadian province they live in, they can keep their Freedom to Choose health and dental coverage.

  • Flexible coverage levels

    3 levels of coverage and optional add-ons mean your employees can choose the coverage that works for them.

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