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Dental insurance for your employees

Benefits to smile about

Choose basic, major and orthodontic coverage with our workplace dental insurance plans.

  • Custom coverage

    Find a plan that fits your business with 3 levels of coverage available.

  • A holistic approach

    Dental benefits are available as part of our workplace benefits coverage.

  • Quick and simple

    Most claims are submitted directly from the dentist, so payment is easy and convenient.

What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance provides coverage for dental and oral health procedures carried out by licensed professionals. This can range from routine check-ups and preventative care through to major operations, depending on the level of coverage.

Dental plans are offered as part of our workplace benefits, helping you provide affordable dental coverage that Canadians can count on.  

What does dental insurance cover?

As the employer offering the plan, you can specify the percentage of dental costs covered, or you can set a fixed dollar amount of coverage per year for:

  • Basic coverage

    Includes ongoing care, exams, radiographs, X-rays and tests.

  • Major coverage

    Includes crowns, onlays, dentures and bridgework.

  • Orthodontic coverage

    Includes ortho-exams, X-rays, radiographs, casts, braces and retainers.

Let's build a plan that works for you.

Our experts can help you figure out an approach that works for your business.

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Why offer dental insurance?

Canadians without dental coverage have to pay out-of-pocket for treatments that can sometimes amount to thousands of dollars.

As provincial healthcare may not always extend to dental, offering it as part of your workplace benefit package can help employees access necessary treatment.  

It also encourages them to attend regular appointments, which can help support healthy habits and reduce absences. 

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