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Optional extra coverage for PlanDirect™ Basic, Comprehensive, Premier plans 

When you sign up for one of these plans, you can also choose to add coverage for some other common health-related expenses.  

Emergency travel medical:

This benefit provides coverage for medical services and supplies you need because of an unexpected medical emergency while travelling. The maximum amount payable per covered trip is $1 million Canadian. 

This is available as a 30, 60, or 90 day multi-trip option if you are under the age of 80. 

Download full details:

Major dental services and supplies: (Comprehensive only)

This coverage includes major dental services like crowns and onlays, dentures, denture-related surgery and appliance maintenance. These are reimbursed at 50%, up to $750 per person per year. Note: This is not available for the Basic plan, and major dental is already included in the Premier plan, which offers 50% coverage up to $1000 per person per calendar year.

Hospital cash:

This benefit provides spending money you can use to cover costs that will make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible, such as a television in your room, parking, cafeteria costs or babysitting expenses for your family. The choice is yours. This extra coverage begins on the 4th day of your hospital stay, and there is a 60 day limit. It provides $50 per day, to a maximum of $200 per day for all insured family members. 

Accidental death, dismemberment and specific loss:

This benefit provides you with added financial security if you’re faced with sudden and tragic circumstances. It provides coverage in units of $25,000, up to $250,000.  A covered spouse is insured for 50% of your amount, and covered children for 10% of your amount. This optional benefit expires once the insured reaches age 71. 

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