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The Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company and The Canada Life Assurance Company have become one company – The Canada Life Assurance Company. Discover the new Canada Life

The Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company and The Canada Life Assurance Company have become one company – The Canada Life Assurance Company. Discover the new Canada Life

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Freedom 55 Financial is a division of The Canada Life Assurance Company and the information you requested can be found here.

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Our plans can help you tackle medical costs not covered by your government health plan – at a price that works for you and your family

Here are a few reasons why Canadians put their trust in Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance

Get up to $250,000 in prescription drug coverage*

Exclusive Preferred Perks! 20%** off regular priced items at Rexall with your linked Be Well™ Rewards Card.

Take this questionnaire to discover our health and dental plans.

It takes just 15 minutes to apply. Here’s how it works.

Have a question as you go? We’ve got team members standing by to help.

  • Pick a plan
  • Tell us about yourself / your family and any medical conditions
  • Enter your payment info
  • You’re done!

There’s a Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance plan for everyone. What’s your current situation?

Our Guaranteed, Guaranteed plus and Guaranteed elite plans may be right for you.

Our Select, Select plus and Select elite plans could be a good fit for you.

You can tailor your coverage to include a range of healthcare needs, such as:

  • Routine dental services
  • Eye exams, glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery
  • Prescriptions drugs
  • Physiotherapy, chiropractor visits and massage therapy
  • Social workers and psychologists
  • Naturopaths, dieticians, acupuncturists, no referral needed like all our paramedical services

Your monthly premium will depend on the plan you choose. To get a quote – and explore all our plans have to offer – take our questionnaire.

As long as you are covered by provincial healthcare, you will always be offered coverage when you apply for one of our plans. Even if you have a pre-existing condition, we still have an option for you with our guaranteed acceptance plan. 

Yes! You can add emergency travel medical insurance as extra coverage to any of our plans. It’s not available as a stand-alone product. 

We’ll never deny you coverage, but your pre-existing conditions are needed to help us calculate your monthly premiums and to determine which plans you’ll be eligible for. It’s a very short questionnaire and we don’t ask for any medical tests like bloodwork or urine samples.

Not seeing your question? Check out more FAQS

If you’d like to explore plans and see how much they could cost you, get a quote

Note: If you are a Quebec resident, Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance provides supplemental coverage to the prescription drug coverage provided under the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) basic prescription drug insurance plan. Freedom to Choose health and dental insurance doesn’t remove your obligation to have drug coverage through the RAMQ drug public plan, through your employer or an association you are a member of or through the employer of your spouse. 

Our Select plans (excluding Select with Assured Acceptance), do not cover prescription drugs you are already taking, or future prescriptions related to any pre-existing medical conditions.

Offer available exclusively instore at all Rexall locations. Some exclusions apply. Excludes prescriptions, products containing codeine, insulin, Rexall Gift Cards, Gift Card Express, lottery, postal services, stamps, transit tickets, baby diapers, baby formula, adult meal supplements, cheese, eggs, fresh milk, bread, prepaid phone cards, photofinishing, newspapers, tobacco products, shopping bags and taxes. Must be enrolled in Be Well and Preferred Perks. 

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