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Wellness programs for your employees

Promote workplace wellness

Support your employees' physical and mental wellbeing with customizable programs 

  • Support health

    We offer online and in-person support to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Manage absences

    We help you and your employees manage short- or long-term absences from work.

  • Return to work

    We help employees rejoin the workplace after a health-related absence.

What are employee wellness programs?

Wellness programs provide tools, resources and support that help employees work on their mental and physical health. These programs take a holistic approach to employee wellness, starting with prevention through to managing illness and disability and a return to work after an absence.

Why choose Canada Life?

  • Our wellness programs can support your employees and can help create a healthy, happy workforce.

  • Websites, apps and in-person support help employees make healthy choices that can improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • This can lead to increased productivity and fewer absences, boosting both employee morale and company performance.

  • Wellness programs are a great way to stand apart from other workplaces and to show your commitment to your employees.

Personalized support

We have exclusive services and programs that offer a range of support, including face-to-face counselling, virtual CBT, stress and health coaching and more. 


Consult+ lets your members meet with health care professionals using a secure mobile app or website. Members can do it at a time that fits their schedules. They can download the app or access the website through GroupNet for plan members.

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Contact™ and CoreContact

Employees can lose focus when facing a major life change or hard times. Sometimes, these happenings lead to absences or disability claims. An employee and family assistance program (EFAP) can help guide them when they need help.

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At Work Services

When an employee shows signs of lowered productivity at work, access to early intervention services offered through our disability plans may help. 

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Online resources

We have a range of online resources that support workplace wellbeing. 

Health Connected

Health Connected is a free site that has interactive tools and information to help people improve their health. It’s a one-stop spot where people can find what they need to take charge of their health, with team challenges, reports, and articles and resources.

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Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

The Workplace Strategies website has a wealth of free helpful resources, available to anyone. There's a range of materials available in English and French, including ready-to-run workshops, handouts, presentations, resources and evidence-based tools.

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