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Disability benefits for your employees

Coverage when it counts

Protect your business and support your employees with short-term and long-term disability plans

What are disability benefits?

There may be times when a disability causes an employee to be unable to work. To help both your employees and your business through times like these, we offer 2 types of disability plans - short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD). 

Why offer disability benefits?

Disability coverage offers your employees the financial and emotional support they need to recover and return to work. 

Offering the right support at the right time can help keep your employees and your workplace healthy and productive, while still supporting those employees who need to be absent because of a disability. 

It can also help to prevent claims altogether, with some plans offering tools and online resources available to support employee wellbeing

With you every step of the way

We’re as committed to your employee’s wellbeing as you are. Our disability plans take a holistic approach to preventing disability and managing claims:  

  • Prevention

    We offer resources and support to help employees stay healthy and prevent health-related absences.

  • Recovery

    We’ll work with employees who have made a claim to help them recover and get back on the job.

  • Return to work

    Support is available to help employees return to work after a short-term or long-term absence.

Dedicated claims support

Our dedicated support teams are available to help your employees with every stage of a short-term or long-term disability claim: 

  • Quick response times

    Our case managers will contact you and your employee quickly to gather information and details about absences.

  • Dedicated case managers

    One person will handle your employees’ case from start to finish to help ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Financial support

    Disability benefits can help provide your employees a source of income if they are unable to work due to an illness, accident or injury.

Employer support is available

We offer national support, with offices from coast to coast available to help Canadian employers in addition to a range of virtual services. 

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A closer look at our disability plans

Short-term and long-term disability benefits plans can work together to help provide your employees the coverage they need if they’re unable to work because of disability. 

Short-term disability (STD)
Long-term disability (LTD)

What does it cover?

Absences of up to 6 months
Absences of 6 months or longer
How much of your employee’s salary does it replace?
Between 55 to 80% of their income
Between 60 to 80% of their income
Other advantages
  • Benefits can be non-taxable if the premium is 100% employee paid
  • Any benefits paid are taxable when you pay part of the premium
  • Can help lower your EI premiums
  • Benefits can be non-taxable if the premium is 100% employee paid
  • Any benefits paid are taxable when you pay part of the premium

Ask about additional services

Additional programs and services are available to help prevent disability claims, as well as help with absence management. To learn more about how these add-on services can work for your business, contact an advisor today.  

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Already offer disability coverage?

View and manage your plan and employee claims through GroupNet for Plan Adminstration. 

Why us?

Our range of in-person and virtual services provide employees with support to promote physical and mental wellbeing.