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Wellness and disability programs

Putting your health first

Our programs try to prevent a disability but provide financial, physical and emotional support to get you healthy and back at work.

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  • Avoid absences

    Our tools and services can help prevent a disability and proactively support you.

  • Monthly income

    Disability benefits can provide you a source of income and sense of security.

  • Expert advice

    Work with medical experts and case workers to find solutions that work best for you.

What is workplace disability insurance?

Disability insurance provided by your employer or association works when you can’t, giving you a tax-free monthly payment to replace your income. While a disability can often be visible to the naked eye, not all disabilities are so easily recognized. Chronic pain or a mental health issue can also qualify as a disability. 

It’s usually more affordable than a personal disability policy. But you have less flexibility to tailor your coverage to your needs and you typically can’t take coverage if you leave.

Have benefits through your employer?

Use your online account to submit a claim, manage your plan and explore additional coverage options. 

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What types of workplace disability are there?
Short-term disability insurance
Long-term disability insurance
How long does it last?
Up to 6 months
Extended periods until age 65
How long do you have to wait before receiving benefits?
Less than 14 days
Typically 90-120 days
How much of your gross monthly income can it replace?
Up to 80%
Up to 60%

Already have workplace disability coverage?

You can easily submit your disability claims, check your coverage and visit our health and wellness site with GroupNet for plan member and the mobile app.

Working with you every step of the way

Nobody wants the physical, emotional and financial stress of a disability so we try and prevent it before it happens. But if you do experience a disability, we'll help you with a recovery plan to get you back to work.


Use our resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay ahead of any issues that could lead to a disability.

Create a health plan

Health Connect provides resources from health experts and you can complete a health risk assessment, create a wellness plan and track your progress.

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Mental health strategies

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health provides free tools, resources and training to develop strategies to help you thrive at home and work.

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Counselling and consultation

Don't face your problems alone - our employee and family assistance program can help you and your family if it's part of your plan.

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Get help with your Canada Life products and services.

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Supporting your recovery

We work quickly to find someone who will guide you through the process, keep you positive and help you recover to go back to work.

  • Quick response

    Your claim will be processed in 24 hours and a case manager will contact you and your employer to discuss the details.

  • Personal support

    You’ll only have one case manager who will be there for you every step of the way as you begin your recovery until you’re ready to go back to work.

  • Return to work

    Communicate and stay connected with your co-workers and leaders, as we work together to explore alternate tasks or roles and a modified schedule if needed.

Do you need personal insurance if you have workplace coverage?

Workplace insurance is a great start, but it usually only provides basic coverage. A personal disability policy complements your existing coverage – together, they can help protect you, your family and your lifestyle should the worst happen.

Workplace coverage
Individual coverage
How much coverage do you get?

Coverage amounts are often limited

You choose your coverage amount

How flexible is it?

Your employer often picks the coverage options

You choose the coverage amount and how long you need it

Can you change your coverage?

Typically, you can make changes once a year or if there’s a life-changing event

Yes, you can adjust coverage

What happens if you leave your employer?
Your coverage ends unless there’s an option to convert to individual coverage

Your coverage stays the same because it’s not tied to a job or membership

How much does it cost?

Typically, it’s low cost

Typically, it’s a higher cost than workplace coverage 

Will the cost ever change?

Costs can change every year

Costs stay the same for the duration of your policy

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