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Travel Assistance for your employees

Worldwide support for travelers in emergency medical situations

Connecting travelers to doctors and hospitals while far from home, any hour of the day or night.

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  • 24 / 7 support

    Help is standing by – in every time zone.

  • Assistance, fast

    Worldwide service network helps locate nearby hospitals, clinics and doctors.

  • Courtesy services

    Assists plan members to find qualified legal advice or interpreters, if needed.

What is Travel Assistance?

When the unexpected happens far from home, Travel Assistance is there to help. 

If a plan member has a medical emergency while travelling, they’ll have access to a global network of support.

Whether they require medical evacuation or help locating a doctor or hospital nearby, this service supports them as they navigate a stressful time in an unfamiliar environment.

Travel Assistance is just one part of a holistic workplace benefits plan. Help us build the right one for your company today.

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What does Travel Assistance cover?

Whether your plan member is 500 or 5000 kilometres from home, this service will connect them with the help they need in case of a medical emergency. 

Some of the ways Travel Assistance can help are:

  • Locating hospitals, clinics and doctors around the globe

  • Finding qualified legal advice or local interpreters if necessary

  • Advance payment if hospital requires it for admission, to a maximum of $1000

  • Medical evacuation if necessary

  • Repatriation of remains

  • Reimbursing travelling companion expenses and assisting unattended children

  • Helping to find the appropriate services for replacing lost passports

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