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Healthcare spending accounts

Customize your healthcare

Take advantage of an account that helps you tailor your coverage for what you need. 

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What is a health care spending account (HCSA)?

An HCSA provides you credits that you can use to pay for or top up certain health, vision and dental care expenses that aren’t covered by your group benefits or provincial health care planOpens in a new window.

  • Additional coverage

    Top up your benefits to build a plan that suits your needs.

  • Flexibility

    Use the account on the coverage that you need.

  • Save money

    You don't have to pay out of your pocket.

Types of health care spending accounts

  • Health SolutionsPlus Visa

    It’s similar to a prepaid credit card. Instantly pay for various eligible expenses or residual balances at any approved healthcare provider. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose how and where to spend your HCSA dollars.

  • Medical reimbursement plan (MRP)

    An MRP covers the cost of expenses, including: deductibles and coinsurance, prescription drugs, glasses and contact lenses, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment and devices used to assist people with disabilities.

Check your health care spending account balance

Go to the Coverage & balances section in GroupNet to check how much you have left.

Don’t have insurance from your employer?

We’re lucky to live in Canada where we have access to public healthcare. But there might be gaps between what’s provided and what you need. Health and dental insurance can help keep you and your family healthy, manage aches and pains or chronic illnesses so you can live your best life.

Have benefits through your employer?

Use your online account to submit a claim, manage your plan and explore additional coverage options. 

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