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GroupNet for Plan Administrators

GroupNet for plan administrators

Simplify the administration of your benefits plan with this secure online tool

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  • Save time, paperwork and money

    Tackle plan admin online – anytime, anywhere.

  • Snapshot of your plan on demand

    Get billing and claim reports instantly.

  • Seamless member onboarding

    Self-serve enrollment tool reduces data entry.

What is GroupNet for plan administrators?

Spend your time running your business, not worrying about administering your benefits plan.  

GroupNet™ for Plan Administration is a sophisticated, secure internet-based tool that lets you use your time efficiently and helps control expenses. 

Enroll members, handle billing and understand your plan costs – all online, anytime.

Are you a plan administrator who already uses GroupNet?

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How does GroupNet for plan administrators work?

With our online portal you can:

  • Make changes to your plan
  • Add or remove an employee
  • Revise employee information
  • Inquire about a specific employee or group of employees
  • Keep organized records
  • Identify where benefit dollars are being spent
  • Access free reports, reference materials, and information on benefits trends

How do you enroll new plan members online?

eEnrolment is a self-serve tool that new employees can use to enrol in your benefits plan. You send them an email or text with a personalised link. Once they enrol, they can create an online account and start using their benefits.

This helps you because:

  • You have less data entry because enrolment information is completed online by the employee

  • You can easily track and manage enrolments with your dashboard

  • It helps reduce errors and missing information that can come with paper forms

How do you generate billing and claim reports?

These are available on-demand through GroupNet. This information can be high-level or detailed.

You can also:

  • View and print up to 12 months of previous bills
  • Preview your upcoming bill and be notified when it’s ready
  • Change your premium withdrawal date

Do you have workplace benefits through Canada Life?

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An online account for your employees

Our online platform makes it easy for your employees to:

  • Submit claims quickly

  • Review coverage and balances

  • Find healthcare providers

  • View, save and print their benefit cards

  • Get notified when their claims have been processed

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