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Consult+ virtual health care

Healthcare that comes to you

Medical professionals at your fingertips, through your workplace benefits plan.

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  • 24 / 7 service

    Phone, text or video chat: Consult+ works for you, where you’re most comfortable

  • A virtual walk-in clinic

    Get the answers to non-urgent medical questions - no waiting room required

  • Care is one click away

    Speak to qualified experts on demand using the app

What is Consult+?

Think of it like a doctor’s office in your pocket.

If it’s covered by your workplace benefits, Consult+ gives you time-efficient access to qualified doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, with services provided by Dialogue.  

They can answer your non-urgent medical concerns, provide advice and even write you a prescription – all without you ever leaving home or work. 

Log into your online account to set up Consult+ today.

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How does Consult+ work?

When you have Consult+ through your Canada Life workplace benefits, you have 24/7 access to non-urgent medical care, with service in both English and French. 

Simply open the app, or log onto the website – making sure you have your plan number and member ID ready – and follow the instructions to set up a virtual appointment. 

What can I use Consult+ for?

  • Talk to a qualified healthcare professional about a wide range of concerns – anything from allergies to pink eye to UTIs

  • Access self-led therapy for mild and moderate depression and anxiety.

  • Get referrals for lab work or to see a specialist if necessary.

  • Ask general questions about your wellbeing.

  • Have a prescription or refill written and sent to your pharmacy electronically.

  • Find other health services like dieticians, psychologists or life coaches.