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Welcome Plan - Group benefits for new or returning Canadians

Right at home

Essential coverage for new arrivals and returning expats.

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  • Bridges the gap

    Coverage until employees are eligible for provincial healthcare.

  • Essential support

    Helps your workforce live their healthiest, most productive lives.

  • Attract top talent

    Eases the transition for employees joining you from abroad.

What is Welcome Plan?

It provides temporary coverage for expenses normally covered by provincial healthcareOpens in a new window. It bridges the gap in care while your employees wait to become eligible, which can take 3 months or longer.  

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What does Welcome Plan cover?

It pays 100 percent of covered expenses, up to $1 million dollars per individual in a lifetime. Some of the healthcare services it covers are: 

  • Visits to the doctor

  • Lab fees

  • Emergency dental services

  • Hospital ward admission

  • Out-of-province and out-of-country coverage

Who is eligible for Welcome Plan?

  • Temporary employees who aren’t eligible for provincial health care

  • Returning Canadians during their waiting period for provincial coverage

  • New residents permanently relocating to Canada

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