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CANUS - Group benefit plans for US-based employees

Borderless benefits

Coverage for employees in America, made easy.

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  • Full range of benefits

    Can include dental, life insurance and disability.

  • Customized plan

    Coverage can begin with just one employee.

  • Fully-insured benefits

    Take the guesswork out of claim costs.

What is CANUS?

CANUS is specifically designed for Canadian employers who want to offer coverage to US-based employees.  

If your company has an existing Canada Life group insurance plan, coverage for your US-based workforce can begin with just 1 plan member. Uniquely, CANUS covers employees in multiple states under a single plan.

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What does CANUS cover?

Healthcare is a mandatory benefit of this plan. That includes coverage for drugs, vision care, medical and the employee assistance plan.

You can also customize this plan by adding:

  • Life insurance for employees and their dependents

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance

  • Short and long-term disability

  • Dental care

Who is eligible for CANUS?

  • Canadians or other nationals who are on temporary work assignment in the United States

  • US residents who commute to Canada daily to work for the Canadian company

  • Permanent US residents

Looking for coverage for international employees based outside of the United States?

 Our Ambassador Program might be the right fit for you.

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