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Ambassador - Group benefits for Canadian employees working abroad

Internationally supported

Comprehensive coverage for your employees working abroad.

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  • Healthy, happy workforce

    Attract and retain top talent with this valued benefit.

  • No minimum plan size

    Coverage can begin with just 1 employee.

  • Fully-insured coverage

    Take the guesswork out of claim costs.

What is Ambassador?

Ambassador is specifically designed for Canadian employers who want to offer coverage to their expat employees.  

As long as your company has an existing Canada Life group insurance plan, your coverage for employees working abroad can begin with just 1 plan member. 

Let's build a plan that works for you.

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What does Ambassador cover?

This plan has coverage options for: 

  • Healthcare including; drugs, vision, and an employee assistance program.

  • Weekly Indemnity (WI).

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

  • Dental care.

Who is eligible for Ambassador?

Canadian Expatriates who are working outside of Canada and the US. 

Third Country Nationals working for a Canadian employer outside their home country.

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Looking for coverage for international employees based in the US or who are new-to-Canada?

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