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Group benefits

Invest in your company’s health

Making your employee’s health and wellness a priority can attract new talent and engage your workforce.

The advantages of a Canada Life benefits plan

In a competitive job market a group benefits plan is a great way to separate yourself from the competition. A benefits plan can help retain staff, improve morale and productivity, and keep your employees healthy and at work.

  • Flexible options

    Build a plan that fits your organization.

  • Cost containment

    Find solutions to help manage costs.

  • Secure online tools

    Save time with online enrolment, management and billing.

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What is a group benefits plan?

A group benefits plan helps employees cover the cost of  things that provincial health care plansOpens in a new window may not pay for, including certain prescription drugs, dental, hospital, vision, paramedical and ambulance services. You can also combine your group benefits plan with a retirement and savings plan to help your employees reach their financial and retirement goals.   

Why offer a benefits plan?

Benefits for your employees

  • Employees can get coverage at a reduced cost compared to most personal plans 
  • Help protect your employees and their family’s health
  • Help reduce financial stress if something happens

Benefits for your company

  • Help improve morale and increase productivity 
  • Can be less expensive than providing salary increases as there are no additional increases in CPP, EI or Workers’ Compensation rates
  • Premiums paid on group benefits can be written off as a business expense
  • Maintain a competitive edge in the job market
  • Attract and keep key employees  

Let's build a plan that works for you.

Our experts can help you figure out an approach that works for your business.

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What’s the right benefit plan for your company?

Let’s take a look at the different benefits you can offer. There are some base benefits that are a part of many plans, and then you can further tailor yours with different specialty options.

Base benefits

Prescription drugs

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Prescription drug coverage can help bridge the gap between provincial health insurance plans and the coverage your members and their families need.

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Employees identify dental coverage as one of the most valued benefits, but a dentist visit can be expensive. Dental benefits will save your employees from high costs and protect their dental health.

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Disability programs

Lost productivity, absenteeism, rising drug costs and disability affect your bottom line. Create a seamless wellness and disability management program that helps control costs and supports recovery.

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Life, critical illness and accident insurance

You can help your employees in case tragedy strikes. There are flexible options for you to provide financial support for your employees and their families in case of an illness, accident or death.

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Specialty benefits

Health care spending accounts

Provide your employees with flexible, tax-effective coverage for health-related expenses not included in their plan or to top up their benefits.

Expats or new to Canada insurance

The job market is global. Make sure your employees coming to Canada or moving abroad have the health coverage they need.

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Benefits for retirees or self-employed

Provide your employees with comprehensive health and dental coverage into retirement so they can focus on enjoying what they’ve worked hard to obtain.

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Emergency medical coverage and travel assistance

Improve your plan with out-of-country emergency medical coverage and worldwide travel assistance for your employees wherever and whenever they need it.

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Solutions for small and medium businesses

Canadian companies come in all shapes and sizes, so doesn’t it make sense to find a benefits plan that does too?

Let’s design a benefits package that fits your small or medium-sized business’ needs, size and budget.

Let's build a plan that works for you.

Our experts can help you figure out an approach that works for your business.

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Easily manage your plan

Managing your group benefits doesn’t have to be complicated. Our apps and online services offer convenience, accessibility and security for administering your group’s benefits.