Combining our strengths as one new brand

The new Canada Life brand celebrates the value of advice and the critical role you play in helping Canadians achieve their potential, every day.

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Three great Canadian companies have now come together under one strong brand

The new Canada Life combines the strengths of Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life.

Combined strengths. One strong brand.

We remain deeply committed to our advisor relationships and a multi-channel distribution approach that lets us reach countless Canadians. During this change, you’ll continue to see some of our other brands operating under their existing names, including Freedom 55 Financial.

You can continue to rely on the strength, reputation and performance of our products throughout our transition. You’ll have questions – and we’re here to provide answers, preparing you to discuss the change with your clients.

[Hugh Moncrieff, Executive Vice President, Advisory Network and Industry Affairs appears onscreen]
It’s no secret our industry is complex. Customers’ needs are changing – and so are yours. Our goal in today’s changing environment is to make it simple. Simple to understand who we are and simple to do business with us. [The word “simple” appears]

That’s why we’re excited about coming together under a new brand – [the new Canada Life logo is shown] the new Canada Life.  

[Rob DeMott, Senior Vice President, Business Development appears onscreen]
I couldn’t agree more Hugh. Today is the start of the next chapter in our great Canadian story. On the group side of our business, Great-West Life is proud to provide group benefit and retirement plans to businesses and Canadians across the country. 
Our values will always remain at the heart of who we are. You’ve relied on our integrity, our people and our presence in our communities for decades. And, over the years, we’ve integrated the strengths of London Life and Canada Life into our business. 

[The new Canada Life logo appears] The new Canada Life brand combines our strengths so we can deliver even better on our purpose: to improve the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians. 

[Hugh returns onscreen]
To drive growth in our business, we need to anticipate and exceed customers’ expectations and deliver an exceptional advisor experience. [The words “exceptional experience” are shown] We believe our new brand will position us to do just that. Moving forward, we can do even more for customers and communities [the words “customers and communities” appear] where we live and work. Advertisements and marketing materials for the new Canada Life brand will encourage consumers to reach out to a financial advisor – highlighting the value of advice [the words “value of advice” are shown] that you provide. 
[Rob returns onscreen] A brand is more than just a logo. It represents who we are, what we stand for and the promises we make every day. The new Canada Life continues to believe in the value of advice and the critical role of a trusted advisor [the words “trusted advisor” appear] in helping Canadians achieve their potential each and every day. 

[Hugh appears]
Through it all, we’ll partner with you every step of the way. As we simplify our business, we’ll simplify yours [the words “as we simplify your business, we’ll simplify yours” appears in text] – whether it be through easier tools and systems or enhanced products, our goal is to make it simpler than ever to do business with us. This is about becoming stronger and better together [the text changes to read “stronger and better together”]. Stronger and better through our partnership, in how we support your business and most importantly, in how we help you help Canadians. 

[Rob returns onscreen]
We’re combining our strengths, streamlining our business and leading the charge on innovation – [the word innovation appears] so you’re backed by an organization with a powerful market presence. We’re ready to make the most of our potential – potential to serve you even better – and we want to shape our future together. 

[Hugh appears]
There’s an opportunity ahead of us just waiting to be seized:  Be a stronger, louder voice in the marketplace. To find strength in simplicity.  [the words “strength in simplicity” appear]. To capture the hearts and minds of Canadians. And we’re ready to turn that opportunity into results. Welcome to your new Canada Life. 

[The new Canada Life logo appears]
[Legal: The Great-West Life Assurance Company, London Life Insurance Company, and The Canada Life Assurance Company market themselves under the Canada Life brand. London Life and design are trademarks of London Life Insurance Company. Great-West Life and the key design are trademarks of The Great-West Life Assurance Company. Canada Life and designs are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company.]


Welcome to your new Canada Life

This brochure welcomes new and existing clients to our new strong brand by highlighting our history and looking forward to our future. Share it and help your
clients understand what the change means to them.

Group customer email templates: help explain the brand change to your clients. For communications to plan members, contact your group representative.

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Introducing the new Canada Life

Bringing our three brands together helps us better deliver on our purpose – to help improve clients’ financial, physical and mental well-being.