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We’re invested. Explore our suite of managed solutions.

Strengthen your service offering with our managed solutions

At Canada LifeTM, we offer a spectrum of 4 high-calibre managed solutions run by industry-leading professional money managers who leverage their deep research and insights, use sophisticated portfolio construction techniques and risk mitigation strategies to help deliver better outcomes. Whether your client adopts 17 pugs or sends their kid to college – we’re invested. Explore our different managed solutions and learn how they can help meet your clients’ needs.

Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios – newly launched!

Help your clients invest for returns while reshaping the future. Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios are three new, multi-asset investment solutions that combines the best of two worlds – the investment benefits of a multi-asset portfolio and a positive ESG influence – to help clients invest in a way that aligns with their values without sacrificing potential returns. Think of it as balancing purpose with performance.

New report released: “No longer niche”  : Read this report to learn how responsible investing has evolved to become a critical component of the investment process and more.

Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios

For your clients who still want to invest, but are looking for lower volatility to help them get consistent returns over the long term. This suite of funds uses sophisticated portfolio construction techniques to create the outcomes investors are looking for, balancing risk, returns and income. They bring together risk management strategies and different types of investments to provide a smoother investment experience by guarding against volatility while capturing returns.

Canada Life Target Risk Asset Allocation Funds

For your clients who are looking for a quick, simple and easy-to-understand investment solution. These simple, one-step solutions are traditional asset allocation funds, where each fund provides you and your clients with an entire diversified portfolio focused on providing returns within a target risk level.

Canada Life Constellation Managed Portfolios

For your clients who want to work through the investment process with their advisor and see how their investments are adding up towards their goals. This managed program takes a goals-based approach and provides you with an end-to-end investing process. It strategically allocates assets across model portfolios based on your clients’ needs, giving you both a clear picture of how their investments measure up against their unique goals.

Demystifying ESG: Does ESG investing drive better performance?

Live webinar – Nov. 3 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment strategies are often marketed with claims that they can outperform in terms of risk-adjusted returns. In this webinar, J.P. Morgan Asset Management peels back the layers of these claims and dives deep into what drives ESG investments performance. 

Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios are available through a segregated fund policy and a group variable annuity policy issued by The Canada Life Assurance Company in November 2021 and as mutual funds managed by Canada Life Investment Management Ltd. As of September 2021.

Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios are available through a segregated fund policy issued by The Canada Life Assurance Company and as a mutual funds managed by Canada Life Investment Management Ltd.

A description of the key features of the segregated fund policy is contained in the information folder. Any amount allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the policyowner and may increase or decrease in value. These funds are available through segregated funds policies issued by Canada Life.