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Get your clients big discounts on Canada Life My Term

Raising the limits so you can reach even more clients with SimpleProtect

Canada Life™ has expanded the age and amount limits within SimpleProtectTM to make placing digital insurance business even easier.

Higher age limits - Age limits are specific to each product. For par this is up to age 85; for term insurance up to age 80; and up to age 65 for critical illness.

Higher amount limits - You can now process up to $20 million for term insurance and participating life insurance (par), and $3 million for critical illness adult policies.

What is SimpleProtect?

SimpleProtectTM is an online application for participating life, term and critical illness insurance products that lets you complete an application in as little as 10 minutes. It simplifies the process with significantly fewer underwriting questions and nearly 20% of applications are instantly approved. Your clients have the option to sign on their own device so applications can be completed without face-to-face meetings.

A bigger and better term discount from Canada Life

With a 10% or 15% discount, clients of many ages can access number one rates, on new qualifying Canada Life My TermTM policies with issues ages of 55 or younger. This applies to applications received between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31, 2022. This discount is applied for the life of the policy and includes additional benefits added at the time the policy is issued. 

Help your clients start saving today!

How it works

If you're not familiar with how easy a SimpleProtect application can be, check out this short demo.

See what SimpleProtect can do for you and your clients

  • Answer a few simple questions to easily identify which application to use and get your clients the coverage they need faster.
  • Clients are no longer excluded from using SimpleProtect due to lifestyle choices or health.
  • Non face-to-face

    With the option to have your client sign on their own device, applications can be completed without the need for a face-to-face meeting or other authorization forms.

  • Faster business placement

    SimpleProtect simplifies the process with significantly fewer underwriting questions, often with instant or same-day approvals which means you could get paid faster.

Don’t miss out and get left behind. Start using SimpleProtect today!

To speak with one of our specialists about SimpleProtect, contact our Product Solutions Centre:

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