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Segregated funds

Designed to perform

The best thinking from the best fund managers: introducing Canada Life Pathways Segregated Funds.

Unique access to top fund talent

With the Canada Life Pathways segregated funds, you can offer your clients a full range of high conviction and concentrated mandates, managed by leading institutional fund managers. Some of these fund managers are exclusively available to Canadian segregated fund clients through Pathways funds.

What Canada Life Pathways segregated funds offer

Our new Pathways segregated funds are exceptional building blocks for a solid portfolio. This gives your clients the benefit of investments with high conviction – keeping true to their specific methodology -and concentrated mandates. It also ensures a small and focused selection of stocks and transparency in asset allocation. With Pathways segregated funds, you and your clients get all of this in funds that proudly carry the new Canada Life name.

Meet some of the managers

Bo Knudsen, M.Sc, Portfolio Manager
C WorldWide Asset Management

Ross Cameron, B.Comm., Head of Japan Office, Portfolio Manager, Senior Analyst
Northcape Capital – Pier 21 Asset Management

Build your business with Canada Life Pathways segregated funds

A new suite of segregated funds unlike any on our shelf today

Here are some more materials to help you get familiar with the Canada Life Pathways segregated funds.

Fund feature sheets

*GWL Investment Management is a division of GLC Asset Management Group Ltd.
**C WorldWide is available through Pier 21 Asset Management
***Northcape is available through Pier 21 Asset Management

Investment options

Pathways funds are available in:

  • Standard series
  • Partner series
  • Preferred series 1 and 2
  • Preferred partner series

With Pathways funds, you can select one of two guarantee levels:

  • 75/75 guarantee
  • 75/100 guarantee