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How Canada Life is supporting you during COVID-19. Learn more

For over 170 years, Canadians across the country have relied on our promise to support their financial, physical and mental well-being with expert advice. At a time where information is coming from many sources, relying on experts is more important now than ever.

Description: Video opens with an aerial view of a small Canadian town.

Narrator: We rely on experts.

Description: A father and mother teach their toddler how to walk. Cut to a football coach explaining a play to his team.

Narrator: On matters big and small,

Description: A grandfather holds his granddaughter’s two-wheel bike while she pedals.

Narrator: we’ve always turned to those who know best.

Description: A teacher stands with her student at the front of the classroom.

Narrator: When it comes to which diets to follow,

Description: An adolescent boy eats his cereal.

Narrator: which movies to see,

Description: Cut to a theatre packed with formally dressed movie-goers.

Narrator: for financial advice,

Description: A cash register opens.

Narrator: or guidance on our journey to the stars,

Description: Ground control waits at the International Space Station. The Canadarm is launched into space.

Narrator: we rely on experts.

Description: A doctor stands in an empty room at the hospital, looking out the window.

Narrator: And today, it feels like their advice is more important than ever before.

Description: A nurse tightens her mask. Cut to a surgical team preparing for surgery.

Narrator: That’s why Canada Life is working with experts, to help make sure Canadians are getting the best advice possible.

Description: A female advisor meets with clients. Cut to a couple researching on their laptop.

Narrator: Partners like Crisis Services Canada to help provide a distress and crisis helpline.

Description: A man types on his laptop at home. Cut to a man outside his car on the phone, then a woman on the phone while holding her baby.

Narrator: Or Imagine Canada to provide charities and non-profits with thought leadership, resources and support.

Description: A group of volunteers organize and package donated food.

Narrator: And over 23,000 advisors to offer Canadians direction and advice when it’s needed most.

Description: Cut to images of families throughout the decades to today.

Narrator: Because a little guidance today

Description: A couple stands outside their home with their two children. Onscreen text appears: A little guidance today can do a world of good tomorrow.

Narrator: can do a world of good tomorrow.

Description: Canada Life logo appears.

We’ve contributed more than $200 million over the last 30 years, strengthening communities across the country to help improve the financial, physical and mental well-being of Canadians.

Our advisors can spend time with you to understand your situation, answer your questions and help you build a plan.